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L & L feet on beachOur names are Luke & Laura. These are our real names. If this makes you think of General Hospital, then you may have been among the 30 million Americans who watched the wedding of Luke & Laura on that daytime soap opera in the 1980s. We know who you are, because you giggle when we introduce ourselves at the bank. We’ve never actually seen General Hospital, so we don’t know what the big deal is, but at times we get a lot of comments on our names. Yes, it gets a little old after a while.

We’ve been married since September ’06. Unlike the other Luke & Laura, we only invited about 52 Americans to the non-televised ceremony (plus an Aussie, three Brits, and a couple of French people.) If you didn’t get invited, we’re sorry, but please get over it. There are at least 29,999,948 Americans who saw the first Luke&Laura wedding, but missed the second. (And don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on a fabulous steak & cavier dinner– our wedding featured a rusty 1970s Land Rover, a roofless church, and a 3-cord bonfire.)

We’ve been house owners since June of ’07. I can’t really say that we’re “home” owners, because I firmly believe (at least in the United States) that a home really ought to contain things like plumbing, electricity, and floors which are not made out of dirt (with the notable exception of adobe floors). This blog is about the house that we’re trying to convert into a place to live. We’re currently spending about 5 days a week trying to build a business (or two), and the other 2 days a week trying to build a house. This makes for small (some might say “miniscule”) bank accounts, and a lot of stress. But we really like making things together, and after a couple of kite/camera rigs, a couple of wedding rings, and a innumerable Thai curries, we decided to move on to something bigger. The task of (re)building this house has been at times exhilarating, exhausting, educational, frustrating, rewarding, and just about any other adjective that you can think of. We hope you enjoy reading about it.

-Laura & Luke

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  1. 1 Patty and Bob

    Laura and Luke, Thanks for the blog. We are now experts at reading one of those things and enjoyed every minute of it. Is the establishment in Center? Sounds like it may be worth a trip to check the progress- as though you need another inspection. We look forward to the next installment!!!!!!!

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