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Well, as usual, I haven’t posted in a while. Life has been kicking our asses recently. Thus, house gets neglected.  Here’s a bit of an update, however. We are creeping along, and hoping to really ramp up the progress in the next couple of weeks.  Our friend Curt owes us a lot of labor, and […]

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Progress is a wonderful thing.  And I think that progress begets progress, especially with a project like this one that just goes on and on seemingly without end.  I can scarcely remember a time when weekends were not filled with either building projects or guilt about not working on building projects.  And oddly, sometimes both […]

We’re almost done with the “practice house,” as Luke has dubbed it. Basically, we’re building a miniature house in which we can pretend to be real homeowners, sans the Barbies. At some point last summer, we realized that the big house project was not going to be finished within a reasonable amount of time. And […]