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windows. etc.


Progress is a wonderful thing.  And I think that progress begets progress, especially with a project like this one that just goes on and on seemingly without end.  I can scarcely remember a time when weekends were not filled with either building projects or guilt about not working on building projects.  And oddly, sometimes both […]

This endless remodeling project requires us to go to the dump fairly often, and we generally find it to be the most depressing place on earth. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I suggest you visit your local landfill just to see how wasteful and thoughtless our country has become about resources.) At […]

animal kingdom.


Your regularly scheduled post about the evolution of our “practice house” is being superceded tonight by a news flash: the critters are everywhere, and whenever you least expect it, the natural world is prone to pop into your day and remind you that humans are not the only critters out there, and we’re all just […]

powdered donut.


There is drywall dust in my eyebrows. And in that funny fold that makes up my upper ear flap. There’s drywall dust under my cuticles and stuck in the dry wrinkles of my elbows. Let’s face it, I look like a powdered donut. I neglected to take any pictures because I forgot my camera… plus […]

So, I’ve been a bad blogger recently. I really enjoy blogging, but I’m not always the best at multi-tasking, and doing the things I want to do despite all the busynesses of life. But I’m working on that. We’re almost finished with the little apartment we’ve been fixing up in the back yard.  Which means […]

Winter is upon us.  You know it’s official and unavoidable when you realize that you haven’t felt your feet for 2 hours, or when your husband spends the entire day trying to get a few vehicles started with an alarming array of battery chargers, block heaters, trips to the auto parts store, and unabashed swearing.  […]

Dear Readers: I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties and therefore have most likely squandered all of your goodwill & readership loyalty. I know that there are a small number of human beings out there (some of whom aren’t even related to me) who have enjoyed this blog and have checked it regularly. But recently […]