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Well, as usual, I haven’t posted in a while. Life has been kicking our asses recently. Thus, house gets neglected.  Here’s a bit of an update, however. We are creeping along, and hoping to really ramp up the progress in the next couple of weeks.  Our friend Curt owes us a lot of labor, and […]

While it seems like it’s impossible for anything to go slower than our renovation project, the reality is that there’s one thing slower: my telling of the saga in blog form. Therefore, I return to the story of the solar thermal system (thereby reminding myself yet again how much bloody work we’ve put into this […]

Do you remember the book, “The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe?”  As a kid, I loved this book, and now, as an adult, I suspect that I know why.  It was the drawing that shows the section through the shoe/ house.  I’ve always liked drawings that depict housing sections. Usually they show “real […]

windows. etc.


Progress is a wonderful thing.  And I think that progress begets progress, especially with a project like this one that just goes on and on seemingly without end.  I can scarcely remember a time when weekends were not filled with either building projects or guilt about not working on building projects.  And oddly, sometimes both […]

So, we got the solar thermal collectors up on our roof a while ago.   And I’m just now getting around to posting something about it.  We purchased a bunch of used collectors and a stainless steel storage tank a while ago from someone who was parting out an older system. There were lots of thermal […]

Yep. I’m not a very consistent blogger. Yet. Luke’s cousin, Dave, came out and helped us in the fall with various projects.  The major goal of his visit was to get our solar thermal collectors up on our roof.  This is a time-lapse video that Dave took of the collectors going up on the roof.  […]

One more post about the roof, and then I’ll move on to more interesting subjects.  Like our mini-house, which I’ve been intending to write about for a long time, but haven’t gotten around to because I still need to take proper pictures of the inside of the joint.  Somehow it has never quite happened…. I […]