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While it seems like it’s impossible for anything to go slower than our renovation project, the reality is that there’s one thing slower: my telling of the saga in blog form. Therefore, I return to the story of the solar thermal system (thereby reminding myself yet again how much bloody work we’ve put into this […]

Do you remember the book, “The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe?”  As a kid, I loved this book, and now, as an adult, I suspect that I know why.  It was the drawing that shows the section through the shoe/ house.  I’ve always liked drawings that depict housing sections. Usually they show “real […]

windows. etc.


Progress is a wonderful thing.  And I think that progress begets progress, especially with a project like this one that just goes on and on seemingly without end.  I can scarcely remember a time when weekends were not filled with either building projects or guilt about not working on building projects.  And oddly, sometimes both […]