behind on posting, as usual.


Yep. I’m not a very consistent blogger. Yet.

Luke’s cousin, Dave, came out and helped us in the fall with various projects.  The major goal of his visit was to get our solar thermal collectors up on our roof.  This is a time-lapse video that Dave took of the collectors going up on the roof.  We pulled them up a ramp made out of 2x6s, using a block & tackle, and a Jim-contraption that was attached to the roof. It worked amazingly well, and put an end to a series of marital disagreements in which Luke wanted to spend a grand or so hiring a boom lift to get the collectors up there. My objection was both financial, and practical/spatial. The south side of our house is fairly near the property line, and the collectors were going on the back portion of the house– there’s no way that we would have been able to get a piece of machinery anywhere close to the roof without ripping out some cherry trees or something.  Anyway, the $8.50 solution worked amazingly well, and we were grateful to have help with the lifting.


Here’s the video:



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