dumping our stuff without actually going to the dump.


This endless remodeling project requires us to go to the dump fairly often, and we generally find it to be the most depressing place on earth. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I suggest you visit your local landfill just to see how wasteful and thoughtless our country has become about resources.) At the same time, we’re trying very hard to move our own property away from the charming “landfill chic” aesthetic that it had when we first bought it (and that some of our neighbors tend to embrace in their own yards).  So we’re always trying to get rid of things without actually taking them to the dump.  We have a bit of a contest going on to see what we can get other people to haul away to their own property, while providing us with a little more clear space on ours.  One of our favorite tactics is to put things out on the curb with a “free” sign on them, and we’re always amazed to see what disappears.  When the 1970s television sat out on our curb for over a week, Luke bet me that it would “never” go away.  But I have faith that someone will eventually want our crap, even if it is incredibly crappy. Sometimes it just takes a level of patience that is commensurate with the crappiness of the possessions in question.  It took about 2 weeks, but incredibly, the 1970s television disappeared. Ditto the incomplete set of 1960s Britannica Encyclopedias.

So, when we ripped the old cedar shingles off our porch roof,  we tried to figure out a way that we could avoid taking this filthy, broken, nail-infested  pile to the dump.  So we posted a notice on our local freecycle list serve, advertising our dead shingles as “kindling to keep you nice & warm this coming winter”– and I’ll be damned if we didn’t get someone who was super excited to come out the very next day and haul away the entire trailer load.  Thus proving once again that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Footnote:  As we review our successes with foisting our crap the all-too-willing public, Luke chimes in to remind me that we never managed to give away the “Atlas of China” that was published by the CIA in perhaps the 1970s. Come on people!  Don’t you see the Ebay potential in this rare volume?  What is wrong with you? (If anyone would like to volunteer to take this little gem off our hands, please feel free to email me with your address, and I’d be more than happy to mail it to you.)


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