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animal kingdom.


Your regularly scheduled post about the evolution of our “practice house” is being superceded tonight by a news flash: the critters are everywhere, and whenever you least expect it, the natural world is prone to pop into your day and remind you that humans are not the only critters out there, and we’re all just […]

This is a continuation of my previous post, in which I explain how we’ve spent all our “free” time this winter turning a metaphorical rusty old Ford into a Lexus. We seem to have accomplished this by (metaphorically), jacking up the key, and rebuilding everything around it.   Below, is a picture that sort of […]

We’re almost done with the “practice house,” as Luke has dubbed it. Basically, we’re building a miniature house in which we can pretend to be real homeowners, sans the Barbies. At some point last summer, we realized that the big house project was not going to be finished within a reasonable amount of time. And […]

powdered donut.


There is drywall dust in my eyebrows. And in that funny fold that makes up my upper ear flap. There’s drywall dust under my cuticles and stuck in the dry wrinkles of my elbows. Let’s face it, I look like a powdered donut. I neglected to take any pictures because I forgot my camera… plus […]