winter is killing us.


Winter is upon us.  You know it’s official and unavoidable when you realize that you haven’t felt your feet for 2 hours, or when your husband spends the entire day trying to get a few vehicles started with an alarming array of battery chargers, block heaters, trips to the auto parts store, and unabashed swearing.  You know you’re in trouble when the battery in your car freezes, when your bedroom reaches 45 degrees (not kidding), and you discover that your snow shovel has frozen itself to the tundra.

Winter is lovely for those who can sit in their houses and dream of Colorado mountains and skiing, while enjoying an afternoon in front of the fire with a pot of hot chocolate. But the romance is pretty much lost on us, because we live in a very cold house (our “rental”), and we’re sentenced to spend our weekends trying to make a livable place at the house in Monte Vista.  When a windy day guarantees that we’ll get to spend hours excavating our cars from underneath snow drifts, there is just nothing to recommend the endless season that comes between autumn’s siren song and the flirtations of spring.

Luke’s Mercedes and our Land Rover (some may remember it from our nuptials), buried for the duration.**

Our embarrassingly large collection of semi-antique vehicles, being dwarfed by a pile of snow.**

Our cold “rental” house– the house where we actually live (the one with the 45 degree bedroom), until we can get our little project livable.

**Those of you who know us personally, and follow our ever-evolving car collection, may notice that this particular iteration of the collection is actually a bit outdated. That’s because these pictures are from last year.  The featured snow drifts remind us of all the fun we get to look forward to in the coming months. It was 15 below zero last night.  It was 10 degrees below zero at high noon.  It’s nice to know we’ve only experienced the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


8 Responses to “winter is killing us.”

  1. Maybe you could get some of those electric hunters socks? Just kidding. I couldn’t believe how cold the valley was after being gone for just a month. I certainly know your misery is real! Just think how warm that shed will be though–that woodstove will heat it in about 5 minutes and you can keep it at 90 degrees easily with all that construction scrap. Hang in there and perhaps you should go somewhere warmer for Christmas? 🙂

  2. I know it’s horribly common to be cheered by other’s misery, but at least it ISN’T below ZERO here!!! I could not survive.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, the unflagging romantic in me loves the thought of a cold bedroom and warm hot chocolate….Stay the course, spring always come, dear souls…next winter, you’ll be warm!

  4. Before enlightenment chop wood and shovel snow.
    After enlightenment chop wood and shovel snow.

  5. 5 Susie

    Hey, we understand cold and snow very well here in MN. We just keep our cars — although we only have 2 — in the garage, and that helps a lot!

  6. Hey, Laura- great to find you in blogger-land! It’s a fun read… blessings! Tori

  7. OMG!!! No posts since last year! You guys must be frozen solid! I’ll send out the Saint Bernards with some whiskey for you.

  8. 8 Jennifer Roberts

    Hee hee you must be in the SLV. 45 degrees is warm! Me and my dog went through one of the 10 below nights in a leaky travel trailer and no heat. Trust me, I know that cold feet feeling well. Hang in there and take it easy!

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