new look.


I changed the “theme” of the blog today. Hope you don’t mind. I did it because my father is an ophthalmologist who always used to harp on me to stop reading in the dark– and I thought that the text of the previous theme was excruciatingly hard to read. This free blog software has all sorts of “themes” from which to choose, many of them far too cheesy to be taken seriously, unless you’re a teenage girl blogging about makeup. My architectural training tells me that I shouldn’t use “stock” designs of anything, and that type should be small, elegant, and verging on cryptic, so that only the other folks who are in-the-know (e.g. other architects) will get it. Still, I struggle with my professional identity, particularly because we live in the boonies, so I try not to ignore my professional training entirely.

Frankly, I wish I didn’t have to deal with pesky things like graphics & photos. I’m not inherently a photographer or a typographer, but I appreciate good graphics, and I wish they would just magically make themselves beautiful. If the day comes when more than five-people-plus-my-mom read this thing, then I’ll hire someone to make my “look” graphically beautiful and not off-the-shelf. I have very little discretionary time (I’m building a house & business, remember?), so for the moment I’ll have to stick with off-the-shelf.

Since I have limited time & energy, I have to learn to develop boundaries— including boundaries around my inherently perfectionistic nature that tells me I should be staying up all night, making my blog very well designed. Instead, I’ll focus on the writing. The thing that makes this blog fun for me is getting the opportunity to write a few things, and it seems that all my life I’ve been looking for opportunities that will force me to do more writing. To the horror of my friends, I chose to do a written thesis (rather than a “design thesis”) when I was in grad school merely because I knew it afford me lots of hours to spend writing. I know that makes me a bad designer– it brands me uncommitted to the cause, and not one of the elite. Whatever.

I hope the new off-the-shelf graphics make it a little easier to actually read the blog. Trust me, nobody is stopping by Home is a Process for the pictures of dead cats. Anyway, I hope that you six readers enjoy the blog. I’m having fun writing it.


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