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For those of you who may be interested, our concrete floor is still only half done. We’re waiting for Dick’s broken ribs to heal, and for his schedule to clear up. And we’re hoping that maybe he knows someone we can hire to help him out with the finishing when we do pour the second […]

This post is brought to you by a couple of broken ribs. Unfortunately. I’ve been trying to find time to write about our concrete pour last Thursday. But things have been really crazy, and I haven’t had a chance. This morning, we were supposed to be pouring the second half of the floor, but our […]

new look.


I changed the “theme” of the blog today. Hope you don’t mind. I did it because my father is an ophthalmologist who always used to harp on me to stop reading in the dark– and I thought that the text of the previous theme was excruciatingly hard to read. This free blog software has all […]