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Warning: Graphic kitty-content below. If your children are prone to nightmares, do not bring them over to our house. Or let them read this post. My husband has left me. Fortunately, it is only a temporary condition, as he’s spending the week in Paonia at a solar training class. This means that I’ve got nobody […]

Last Monday, we were in Denver, picking up a pallet of batteries. While we were there, we checked out our usual house-building haunt, Boulder’s ReSource store. This place is great– it’s a big yard full of recycled building materials that have been removed from existing buildings, or were un-needed for some reason. We were hoping […]

I got a little tiny baby note about my blog on the site. The link is here, though I’m not sure that it will send much traffic my way, especially since it is buried amongst a lot of other stuff. However, the Houseblogs post says that my little blog is about our “green” renovation. […]

We’ve been away from our little housing nightmare recently. These are my excuses. We live in Colorado, where there are only two seasons: 9 months of winter and 3 months of guests. We’re trying to cram as much fun into our 3 non-winter months as possible, so that we can survive the sheer depression known […]