i’ve spent far too much time on annoying technical details.


Before you scroll down and read my missive about our weekend of manual labor, you should note that I’ve finally gotten around to adding a “subscribe by email” button over on the edge of the blog. This means that you can be personally notified when I’ve gotten around to publicly whining about the trials & tribulations of building a house.

I’ve also added an RSS feed button. For those of you (family members?) who might not be familiar with concept of syndicated feeds, there is a nice, easy intro here, and a more in-depth article here. If this all seems too technical, and overly complicated, I’d suggest that you just use the email subscription link listed above. (Though I have to admit that I’ve recently become a big user of Google Reader for the convenience and for tracking those occasional bloggers such as myself. It doesn’t work so well with the big commercial websites that add new content every 2.5 seconds.)

However you choose to do it, thanks for reading.


4 Responses to “i’ve spent far too much time on annoying technical details.”

  1. 1 Amalie

    Wow. I just came across your blog and checked out your flickr pics…I know you guys have a ways to go, but you have done so much incredible work. We closed on our house last July, so I’m beginning the look back and, after seeing how much you guys have had to do, I’ll stop whining about taking just the kitchen down to studs!

  2. 2 lauracm

    Thanks for the encouragement, and thanks for reading. Good luck with your move!


  3. 3 eighthave

    We all spend too much time on annoying technical details, that’s why I am encouraging people to start blogging about them. That way we can learn from each other’s experience rather than reliving the annoyance. Here’s my blog for that kind of thing:


  4. 4 lauracm

    Note on the above comment: I thought it was spam. I almost erased it. But it’s not…this person really does have a blog about annoying technical details. So I thought I’d post his comment. I don’t have a lot of readers at this point– how picky can I be? Anyway, I checked out his blog, and it’s totally greek. But probably very satisfying for those who like to read greek geek speak. More power to him. Cheer, Laura

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