“Home” has been a bit of a moving target for Luke and I throughout the course of our relationship. A long-distance relationship turned into a year-long trip around the world (thanks, John K. Branner–whoever you are), which somehow morphed into a rural adventure in Southern Colorado. We’ve had to constantly re-invent our definition of “home”, and its geography. We’ve drifted from make-shift campsites in the Australian outback to Indian hotel rooms, to an apartment overlooking Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. Eventually, the romance of the road wore off a bit, and we longed for something more permanent– something that we could call our own. So we moved to the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado, and bought an incredibly ramshackle house at the same time that we were trying to start our own business. We’re currently in the midst of rebuilding/ renovating it. We’re able to do this because of our friends, Kent & Pat, who are providing us with a roof over our heads while we try to make our place livable. I think of them as our benefactors. They make life here possible for us.

I (we) decided to do this blog because I’ve spent a little bit of time being obsessed with other people’s house blogs– watching their building projects evolve, and I thought it would be a good way to record the on-going process of turning this dump into our home. I also have some residual guilt for not maintaining a website while we were traveling (despite my best intentions)– so there were lots of pictures and events that our friends & family never got to share. It remains to be seen whether or not I am capable of becoming a regular blogger.


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