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The reason it’s not easy to renovate a house is that every single thing is connected to everything else in a giant web of sticky, knotted fibers. Our primary goal at this point is to get the upstairs (bedroom, bathroom, temporary kitchen) livable ASAP, so that we can get a temporary occupancy permit and move […]

Sometimes, when the task of building this house “in our spare time” gets overwhelming, and it feels like we’re not getting much accomplished, it helps to make a list of all the things that we’ve done, so that we can feel self- righteous about our work ethic. This was one of those days when it […]

the baseline.


Like I said, this house was an old lame dog when we bought it. In case you don’t believe me, here’s a series of pictures. The house hadn’t been cared for in a very long time, and the bar was never set very high when it came to either construction or aesthetics. Just about anything […]

Luke and I bought this house in the summer of 2007, after several discouraging months of searching, and two offers on houses that we (mercifully) didn’t get. It was built in 1905 in a town in southern Colorado that you’ve probably never heard of. The town has lots of great old trees, and stone houses, […]

I’m annoyed by advertisements for “new homes.” (As opposed to “new houses.”) Usually these are ads for some flimsy thing that a developer threw up in the middle of a patch of prime farmland, putting ever more stretch marks on the belly of suburban America. Lots of enormous garage doors dwarfing the front elevation, big […]



“Home” has been a bit of a moving target for Luke and I throughout the course of our relationship. A long-distance relationship turned into a year-long trip around the world (thanks, John K. Branner–whoever you are), which somehow morphed into a rural adventure in Southern Colorado. We’ve had to constantly re-invent our definition of “home”, […]